Osuta Yusuf

We need to Change the Political Culture in Uganda
We inherited a political culture that explains why we had a number of civil wars in the past. Presently we need to build a critical mass of a new breed of leaders who look at politics and or their political opponents as competitors not as enemies.

We inherited the politics of war not peace, of acrimony, hatred and mudslinging not love and brotherhood, of anarchy and discord, not of orderliness and concord, of divisions and disunity and not of cooperation, consensus and unity, not of integrity and patriotism; it is the politics of rascality not maturity, of blackmail and near gangsterism, not of constructive and honest contribution. That’s precisely explains why some political actors consider politics as such.

Unfortunately when some of us try to advocate or behave differently in view of changing the above mentality, we are not spared by the rascal behavior of our colleagues! blame them not, but our political culture. It’s our strong held belief that changing the political culture will not be a simple task or achieved by accident. It will require a lot of training, sacrifice, forgiving each other and honest reconciliation. If this country is to achieve sustainable development, our political culture must change.

Our political culture is responsible for our tortoise or slow development. There is no guarantee that what will build today as a nation will not be destroyed tomorrow as a result since many people are angry. They are all craving to revenge at some point. Therefore we need to build a critical mass of leaders to act as change agents; leaders whose perspective of the politics is different, those who understand that you can not have democracy without tolerance. Those whose emotional intelligence is balanced.

The tendencies present in our politics are as a result of these two scenarios. Why should we demonize, hate, blackmail and attack each other centre right because of holding divergent views? Why should we torture, kill, degrade or dehumanize our political opponents?

To begin with, this needs to change! there are no tangible benefits to be proud of in the past and or present as a result apart from bloodshed, loss of our dear ones, destruction of properties and retrogression.