Buganda region DP president friday held a press conference in Nsambya crowned by all Buganda districts DP chairperson. Police tried to stop this press conference but later it was successfuly held followed with a meeting with all district chairmen. Hon Mathias Mpuuga, Mayor Mulyamyama was among the members present. It read
Good morning members of the Press and DP members who have joined us for this press conference.
DP under the present leadership is failing on the issue of Democracy. An open, democratic political party must offer many benefits to its members; it must give them freedom to make choices about their party, to develop their potential as members and to live free from fear and harassment.
It should give them protection under the law and the right to elect leaders of their choice and to remove them if they do not perform to their satisfaction. It should guarantee freedom of speech, religion and assembly. It must ensure an independent disciplinary procedural. Through the principle of the rule of law it should guarantee universality of the scope of the law and equality before the law for all members.
A democratic party and for that matter our DP must encourage an active and outspoken membership and robust public debate including descent and disagreement with the party leadership and individuals. Such a party gives its members many opportunities to participate in party.
The party must also have moral responsibilities to non- members and take central role in the democratization of the country. What is going on the party at the moment and in particular what happened last Friday is a clear indication that DP under President Mao is failing the democratic test miserably. We therefore wish to restate our resolve to push for reforms in order to restore the party to her true values, norms and objectives.
Accusations of working for Besigye
In a bid to divert debate, we have been accused of working for Besigye . Our demands were so clearly captured in our 6 Rs and our mission is to make DP strong again. We don’t know how a strong DP favors Besigye and disfavor Mao. In anycase behaving like a typical politician Besigye would be better off without a strong. ….however we shall not be shy from working WITH other forces of change including FDC and Dr.Besigye to dislodge the dictatorship. We also find it a bit disturbing that Mao and Mbidde spend most of their time attacking Besigye and downplaying injustices committed against Museveni and Nrm.
DP. Summons to face Disciplinary Action
Though I have not been summoned officially, I have learnt that Mr. Mao through announced that the DP NEC has summoned me to appear before the disciplinary Committee on April 20th, 2017.
He added for emphasis that the main item on the agenda for the day is to expel me from the party. I have also learnt that a number of other party leaders who purportedly committed the offence together with me had been forgiven. Much as the procedure for convening NEC especially on such a matter has been flouted, I am ready to attend and respond accordingly to all manner of accusation brought against me.
However, I ask Mr. Mao to send me the official summons and the full plaint, and avail space for my defence team and witnesses in this matter. Just like Nelson Mandela stood in the dock, we shall also accordingly avail ourselves to tell Mao and his team in the face that DP deserves better. It will be an opportune for us to present our case against him and demand that he takes responsibility for taking our party down the drain.
The leaders with whom we organized the Conference in Nsambya have turned down the purported pardon by our accusers and they will come along with me and stand trial for Truth & Justice. Be it as it may, we won’t be deterred from pursuing what we believe to be the calling of our time. To spearhead reforms that over the course of a long 63 years is overdue. Among these are;
1. Rebranding of the party image and person to fit the times
2. Regaining Public Trust among Ugandans as a party of choice for the aspirations of the future of this country
3. Restoring Truth & Justice internally and ensuring sustainability as a model for the same
4. Reconciliation and Conflict Resolution among members who have overtime disagreed on principle
5. Reconstruction of the party structures to ensure effectiveness
6. Reforming the party constitution to redefine the running of the party and fit appropriately into the entire legal regime of Uganda. We also need to fill the gaps and address issues that were not foreseen at the time the constitution was made.
We will pursue this through a comprehensive series of meetings and consultations across Buganda where we have direct mandate and across the country if called upon by our comrades. Our set out programs runs as follows:
On 22nd April we will be in Masaka. On 29th we will be in Luwero Luweero and on 6th May on special invitation from our brothers in the north we shall be in Gulu town.
Meanwhile, we as your leaders we seek your support in our activities.
For Truth and Justice
President DP Buganda. Nambooze Betty Bakireke