Dr.Stella Nyanzi who is expected in court on Tuesday has reported harassment and mistreatment by Luzira prison warders. Early in the week they kept her children for four hours before allowing them to see her on a visiting day and kept her other visitors away. Yesterday it’s said that the OC herself interrupted a meeting of Stella and her lawyers and tore apart papers containing notes they had made. Dr.Stella Nyanzi is on remand as just a suspect but she is being treated as a convict who is already guilt. But not even convicts in Luzira face such harassment.

Below is a release on her Facebook account which is now operated by an unknown person;

The lady in the picture below is Stella Nabunya, the OC Luzira Prison Women’s wing. During Stella’s meeting with her legal team today, OC Nabunya walked into the room, grabbed the notes that were being taken and tore them to pieces.
This is the same woman that claimed Stella had put a clump on all visitors yesterday.
Who is this woman and why is she breaking all the rules in the book without being questioned?