Good Morning Uganda – a Country where CRITICAL questions are answered by getting citizens arrested. The test of every democracy is freedom of criticism. Freedom in a democratic society equals a possibility of being offended and tyranny equals a government choosing what you can say, where to say it and when so as not to offend anybody.

If anybody applies this simple test on the happenings in Uganda – the results will be out for anybody to see just like a mature pregnancy! Uganda’s journey to the latter reached a climax between 2011 and to-date.

This period ushered in the most draconian legislation that even colonialists did not think of enacting. Examples include the interception of communication Act, the Public Order Management Act (POMA) among others. Every dictatorship wishes for laws like POMA so that they can effectively control what their opponents can do or say, where and when! This has become the travesty of our democracy especially given the sorry state that our political parties find themselves in!

The old parties namely DP and UPC have been torn beyond repair by their opportunist leaders. The would be main factions are in bed with the dictatorship and they use police and POMA to fight the progressive factions of their parties! This was witnessed in UPC where police took over command and control at Uganda House before it had become official that the main stream had defected. And the same is now happening in DP. Fast Forward:

Yesterday, POLICE which is normally absent when citizens are being butchered by criminals was present in big numbers to rough up and brutalise leaders from a faction of DP that does not agree with its mainstream leaders anymore! AND updates from this brutality was being shared at speed by the mainstream faction leaders.

THE BIG QUESTIONS: How can Ugandans get rid of such opportunist leaders like the current political party leaders?

If political party leaders defect to the regime, why don’t they park their bags and cross in broad day light?

How can Ugandans finally get rid of all dictatorial tendencies in their country? Which Way Uganda?
Bireete Sarah