The Office of the Prime Minister this week announced that over 600bags of food will be given as food relief to Mbarara Municipality’s ‘urban poor’

Starving Karamajongs gathered for food

This comes at a time when Ugandans living in the Northern region are either starving to death or depend on tree leaves and termites to survive. Karamoja, Lango and Teso regions are the worst hunger hit regions in Uganda. WHile Western Uganda is the biggest achiever in all Museveni government programs

Last week [April 17]Teso sub-region MPs threat to go on hunger strike to force govt rescue their people, they only received an indictment from government which brutally blocked opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) from supplying the food AID it had managed to secure for the starving locals

Besides Cries for rescue from Regional legislators who include Ngora County’s David Abala (NRM), Kumi Woman MP Monica Amoding (NRM) and Silas Aogon (Independent) as well as Cosmas Elotu (NRM) of Kumi Municipality  and presence for food aid from China government ignored these people, yet they vote NRM!

Now as a show of either impunity or double standards or shamelessness, government ‘rescues’ unaffected Mbarara.

Museveni shamelessly do activities in Mbarara or Western region totally centrally to other areas. In December he launched battle irrigation in central region-Luweero then went ahead and launched solar powered irrigation in Mbarara

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Museveni during campaigns promised hand hoes to this sub-region [he never fulfilled] but went on to launch tractors distribution to farmers in Mbarara.

Is Uganda one country?


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