While addressing a DP press conference Tuesday,  Mao over extended his limits, from attacking Nambooze to her supporters, the Baganda as a tribe now to the Kabaka. All these tribal approach, come off an accusation by Nambooze of his mismanagement of the party. Many angry people have reacted to Mao’s statement we reproduce one here.

Obote and Mao. DP president proved he has traditional hatred towards Baganda who brought him up which relates to the 1966 crisis

I think Mao has crossed the line by insulting the Kabaka! I want to warn you Mr. Mao you are biting rather too big than you can chew. You pretend to castigate tribalism while launching a direct attack on Baganda beyond which your now jumping onto our Kabaka.

You act today amidst to tear gas arrests and injuries you have caused to our brothers tantamount to your fathers 1966 attack on Lubiri, you have dared a storm and your to be handled so from now until your body will go the Obote way.

Whenever you’re called by your party members to account you out of inferiority complex stage your villagish excuses by attacking Baganda

Stick to your problems titusiruwalirako. Why do you justify your night visits to state house with the Kabaka visit? Was is at night or stealth? Are you on the same level you idiot!?

Address the issues raised instead of displaying your inborn inferiority complex by attacking Baganda and proving to us that you are exactly the same monster as Obote and it was a mistake to give you this great party.

Why are you in secret talks with the man you claim to fight at the back of the party members?

Why is the state using all it’s machinery to consolidate you as the party president?

How could a party that is consolidating its power so vigilant at preserving another party that wants to oust it?

Why is Museveni referring to you as “good” and the rest as “bad”? Why is the party only visible every Tuesday on press conferences?

Why are national councils not called as stated in constitution? Why does your administration gag members who try to speak?
Why is Museveni recruiting party members without you taking any action?

These are the concerns you avoid you village diplomat but instead chose to instigate tribal sentiments. All those are administrative issues, Address them but to not at all involve the Baganda or Kabaka not contributed to your HIV health problems.

If you have failed to handle a click of five people, then do not dare a storm!

Mao do you think you can black mail Baganda any further? Your so daft for that, that’s why you are being used by Mbidde [Though you both failed law course].

At a cost of your HIV treatment you front your face to kill off all Baganda politicians so as to create way for Banyarwanda Migrants! Any sensible northerner would always remember what brutality they caused to your tribes mates before talking trash against the Kabaka who accommodates you.