Museveni has requested for 18 more advisers to add on 145 he currently has.  The addition will mean a budgetary increment to 29b for people who he rarely meets or when he does  he is the one who advises them

Museveni already hold a world record when it comes to number of   advisers who outstrips his number of ministers and their deputies combined.

Advisers are like a full parallel cabinet or Museveni has a feeling he must spend tax-payers money on his relatives and loyal cadres to an extent of creating useless posts

Then in comes another full ‘cabinet’ of RDC’s. As if Uganda has no further problems Museveni has  requested for Shs 2.6bn to get 10 RDC’s to add on the over 100.

He crowns this with a demand of Shs 150bn to cater for his presidential pledge arrears. Whereas our equally ‘just earning’ number of MPs will flatly approve all this no-value addition expenditures one hint comes off this:.

Museveni his many ministers, deputies and a trail of handlers  ceased to think by themselves. So as Museveni he needs 163 advisers basically to advise him on everything—soon we will hear of his adviser on toilet issue    .