Masaka Nrm spokes person Hajji Numba has been knocked dead by a speeding bus, the SpearNews has learnt.
The District Chairman Jude Mbabali posted;

“Meanwhile at Maria Flo Hotel this evening where we have been officially welcoming the new Masaka DPC, Mr Kintu, as well as seeing off the one he has replaced, bad and shocking news filtered in that Haji Numba,  the vocal NRM spokesperson Masaka District had been knocked dead by a speeding bus. Kitalo nyo,  Masaka has lost an active politician who has be analytical and did not mince words”.
Some chicky people were however heard saying that Nrm invited a curse on it self when on Sunday it allied with ” good DP” and police to brat up, maim, torture and harass residents and visitor over a DP conference.
At Spear we send our most heartfelt condolences.