First Lady and Minister for Education and sports has told Parliament that she is to investigate charity organizations over the quality of pads they donate to the Ugandan girls
” NGOs that are dealing with the sanitary pads for instance, I don’t know of NGOs that are doing that in connection with us as an institution. There is a way NGOs sometimes deal with schools directly without us.”
A few months ago Mrs Museveni told Parliament that her husband’s government couldn’t fulfill its election pledge to give School girls in poor people’s schools free sanitary pads for lack of money.

Mukono Municipality Leaders during Stella Nyanzi’s Pads campaign

This prompted donors led by Dr.Stella Nyanzi to fundraise for the mostly reusable sanitary pads so as to keep the girl child in school. A war if words ensured between the first lady and Stella Nyanzi until she (Stella) was arrested and jailed at Luzira prison.



Yesterday, Mrs Museveni  said “And yes, we are concerned about NGOs that will pick up an activity like providing sanitary pads. We’d really like to even establish whether those sanitary pads are appropriate for the children or whether they are not. But I don’t think that they are many if they are there and this is a new area that people are beginning to participate in the country. So we’ll look into it”.