Any reasonable person would be concerned about the alternations and tremors rocking my mother party, which is currently wallowing in murky waters. Truth be told, the situation in DP is dire!. As a key stakeholder, I have a couple of pertinent issues contesting for space in my mind that I would like to raise with my brother Hon. Mao, in good faith.
For starters, these are matters I should ordinarily have pointed out to him in a one-to-one engagement in camera, but for the fact that he has wittingly or unwittingly opted to confine himself in a cocoon with a few of his rabid zealots, I find myself constrained to use rather unorthodox means to reach out to him;
1) Is Norbert Mao of today one and the same person that has always been widely acclaimed, revered, elated and admired as one of the brilliant and intelligent political leaders of the post independence Uganda, or it was simply an illusory perception?
2) Do you realise that your unguided statements and conduct would vindicate those who have always held and propagated a hypothesis that you are not acting on your own freewill or conscience but rather as a proxy and hostage of some known vicious forces?
3) You may subtly seek to veil the simmering crisis in the Party behind the smokescreen of rhetoric, foul language and the pedigree of DP as a resilient institution that has weathered all kinds of storm since inception; but are you convinced about the sustainability of that approach in light of the emerging political dynamics within the party?
4) One may contend that it’s absolutely within your right to always keep on reciting a litany of accusations against members who point out your leadership deficiencies, including, but not limited to, associating with Dr. Besigye and/or FDC(I would personally plead guilty to that charge); but would that give you a licence use the coercive machinery of the state to unleash terror and brutality against them?
5) I have always known you to be a compassionate person, but are you always at ease with your conscience every time you are seated in your living room, with eyes glued on your TV set, watching bloody and gruesome scenes of violence, mayhem and brutality against staunch DP members, draped in white and green attire, brandishing the DP flag and clenched fist as they chant “egumire gumire DP…?
6) In your heart of hearts, between Dr. Besigye or FDC and Mr. Museveni or NRM, who do you think DP should associate or ally with in our strenuous journey as a nation to the promised land?
7) Do you ever ask yourself the kind of questions our forefathers and progenitors of the DP philosophy would put to you in case they were to resurrect today?
8)You may also choose to remain unfazed and adamant in your quest to demonise and ridicule your critics as “Baganda tribalists” and tag onto them a parochial outlook; but don’t you find it rather awkward to always play a tribal card at the slightest challenge to your leadership style?. Does it bother you that the list of “Ganda tribalists”, whom you’re purging and hounding out of the party is growing by the day?. Would you remind me of any activity that you have organised and sabotaged by the “tribalists” during the post 2016 general election save for your flowery ramblings at funerals, press conferences and talk shows?
9)Do you have a checklist that helps you to ascertain the members of your leadership structures who would stand and bow before you in case you conducted a roll call now?
10)How do you feel as a leader when your primary source of power, strength and protection derivatives not from the goodwill and legitimacy of your government but rather the notorious and repressive Public Order Management Act, which has since been repudiated by its architects like Hon. Amama Mbabazi?
11) As an astute lawyer, would you be heard to advance a warped argument that the DP Constitution is a penal law that ought to be enforced by the Uganda Police Force, or simply a regulatory instrument for members?
12) Finally, and you will excuse me if I’m getting a little personal, is your pair of ears on the ground, or you are proudly flying on cloud 9 with a handful of your praise singers, just like the proverbial Kite (Empungu)?.
All issues raised in the spirit of TRUTH AND JUSTICE