Parliament Thursday backed a motion that pushes government to declare a state of emergency so as to effectively address the hunger crisis currently ravaging the country. It is estinmated by civil societies that  over 1.3million Ugandans are now severely affected by famine, while over 10million are at risk

However according to government spokesperson Ofono Opondo “Those starving are just lazy and victims of poor at planning” He said

” Government is not responsible for ploughing people’s gardens and hasn’t stolen or removed food from Ugandans.” He told online news site Chimpsreports

Ofono further accused Ugandans of “general laziness, laxity to planning and squandering what there is, by most homes and want to heap all the blame on government.”

Government on Wednesday gave tons of rice and maize flour to feed the urban poor of Mbarara while the most affected regions are Teso, Karamoja and Lango where people have been reportedly dropped dead out of starvation while other turned to eating termites and leaves.