Hello Kaweesa Osibye otya Ssebo                                                             28/04/2017

Today with a wry smile I write to welcome you back from Masaka-the prison and give you some ‘Kisanja Hakuna Mchezo’ lessons. I’m sure that as a staunch DP, Muganda and Museveni hater you need them to sail through the struggles you face.

I’m dismayed whenever I see you guys being tear-gassed and brutally caned by police to instill order in your ka-party, which you follow devotedly with the next meeting preparations! You have given us early campaign fun and political lessons.

Hope you learn that the dictator you accuse me of supporting has hatched within you? And you will stop your mis-guided accusations to us as a tribe.

I express my appreciation to my tribes-mates down there in Kampala they have so far kept clear of this and concentrated on their bribery and nepotism. Era as I told you, don’t drag any one of us we have got our plate-full’s

I admire the zeal and sanity you fight with for survival of your small ka-party but I can’t stop wondering whether you know who you are fighting against why and how he fights. I will lecture you

Like I always tell you long in 1980 we rejected Museveni and you accommodate him in Luweero. Now we reject his Tutsi dynasty, you facilitate it by breeding/voting them into your political positions! Face his offspring’s brutality and stop blaming us for your cultural laxity.

From my cattle Kraal here, I watch you fight a political party war against someone fighting an ethnic war at a level of promoting tribal enmities so as to create room for his minority ethnic tribe’s untouchable status in the country.

You claim to be sharp but you are equally a fool who turn to blaming us for our junior Banyankore officers who carry tear gas and ignore their bosses who send them. How blind are you not to see Kayihura, Museveni’s fight in protection of their blood Mbidde before you blame us? Do I need to come from milking my cows to inform you that the only place Mao exists in the circle of the Tusti dynasty under construction is to keep DP disorganized and promote tribal enmity between Acholi and Baganda?

I was disappointed that by the beginning of this week your Ka-party had turned attention to the real problem—power hungry Mbidde. The one with access to his brother Kayihura’s police, army and Museveni’s money.

But as the debate got to a point of exposing to society the true devils amidst you. You fell prey to their divisionally politics when they used Mao to make utterances against the Kabaka and you shifted public debate. Besides giving them time to re-launch the devilish mission, this helps kill hatred between Baganda and Banyarwanda, while Building it between Baganda and Northerners.

As Mao is directly being used to create enmity between Baganda and Northerners. We are not safe either. Museveni himself is on a big mission to create total enmity between Banyankore against all Ugandans. He is trying to link his baseless ethnic community amongst us such that we take blame for their dids.

The rice he took to Mbarara amidst starving northerners, the tractors he launches in contrast to hoes in the north or drip irrigation contrasted by solar powered irrigation in Isingiro is not by accident or out of too much love for our region, it’s by design.

By doing and publicizing those in our area he wants all other Ugandans to hate us and pull the blame off his minority tribe. Divide and rule. We stood the talk of nepotism and tribalism in public offices but over this, we are in one sinking boat.
I hate it when you bundle us together amongst exploiters when we are also victims of this minority rule and we need each other to fight it out successfully as Ugandans.

By Museveni declaring there will be no opposition 2021 he meant by then all opposition and any leadership positions will be in hands of his ethnic tribe-mates and in DP Case Mbidde. Kati you’re fighting a long term project he can go to the bush for or organize a Rwandan like genocide to achieve.

Mwegyendereze!! You’re fighting colonialists

Hope with that information I have made you prepared for more tear gas your to face


Kanzira Bethel