Henry Sekabembe Kiberu, the minister for Sports at Mengo has extended Masaza football Management committee term for 3 years

The extension comes amidst committee accusations of corruption, selfishness and mismanagement of the tournament from all Masaza team managers and administrators who unfortunately has no audience to be heard.

The same complaints came at the close of last years tournament and on suspicions of a secret business dealings the Katikiro instituted a committee of inquiry to investigate wrangles in Baganda sports tournaments [See Photo or read it here]

Team managers who talked to SpearSports  said the committee is a money making project accountable to none with teams, sports and Buganda spirit totally ignored in the management of the annual event.

The 8 managers who proffered anonymity said whenever they raise concerns to the committee they are shut down with “Kabaka Asimye” and cautioned never to question his decision. They said they always consider withdrawing from the tournament but stick on due to respect for the Kabaka.

They said at this years tournament budget scrutinizing meeting held in Mengo early April the committee presentation proved its selfishness beyond reasonable levels.

It was reported that CREUDEB gave 50m and Airtel the main tournament sponsors pumped 400m into this years tournament. But the committee told managers that they will  account for only 300m. When asked about the 100m they said “It was spent on delivering the 350m to Mengo”

When it came to budget allocation of the money given by sponsors Managers have concerns over its unevenness. The committee reportedly gives 38% to all teams in the tournament and takes 62%!

Management further takes 20% from money collected at the opening match 20% and also takes all gate collections from the final match without a pre-determined percentage for the participating teams.

The committee further bars individual Masaza teams from getting their own sponsors reasoning that all tournament sponsorship package is centrally done.

Managers said that the committee from the first match looks at making as much money as possible from the final match which they sale to events promoters. They determine which team is to play the final depending on how many supporters it will take to the final not quality of its soccer.

Amidst suspicion of secret dealing with management on December 19, 2016, the Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga formally appointed a committee of 9 to “promote and shape-up the image of the football tournaments organized by the Kingdom.”

Ironically the committee report to-date is unheard of but this has been extended.

The Members of Mr. Mayiga’s committee on football wrangles:

Mr. Samuel Mpiima – Chairperson, Mr. Sulaiman Ssejengo – Vice Chairperson, mr. Jamil Ssewanyana, Ms. Victoria Nabiteeko, Owek. Mulema Mukasa, Mr. Axam Ssenkayi, Mr. Robert Nserekxo, Mr. Adam Ssematiko and Mr. Ronald Kawaddwa


Chairman———————-Sula Sejjengo Vice chairman——– ——–Mpiima Samuel

Secretary———————–Hon. Patrick Nsanja Vice sec———————-Bikeka Frank

Treasurer———————–Kitaka Francis Publicity———————–Faridah Bongoley

Technical———————-Festus Kirumira Vice Tech———————–Seruma Enock

Member———————–Owek. Hassan Kiyimba Minister

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