Janet Kataaha Museveni has issued her fourth directive at the ministry of education and sports. She released a statement ordering all schools in the country to carry out a mandatory registration exercise for all learners bellow 16 years. The process is to work in corroboration with NIRA.

This ordinance comes at the wake of SIM-card, Boda-Bodas and residents registration in the wake of Kaweesi’s death in which they are trying to turn country into a big brother house under 24 hour surveillance by the Mafia state

Since taking over the ministry, Janet Museveni started by freezing government all scholarship, crossing all Sub-standard schools that cater for a poor mans child, refusing to give pads to girl children then now orders registration of learners even in kindergartens!

The exercise scheduled to start 29th May will see any child directly linked to his/her parents data through NIRA, SIM-registration and any other information.

Countries only register their citizens at birth and death, its ironical that our government is sticking on back-forward registration of citizens as a way of keeping itself in power not for record purposes.

Its ironical that Janet Museveni and her husband push to register children whom they dont pay fees for or offer any service as a government.

” This kind of registration will help government keep citizens in fear as it will enable them link its challengers children into parents struggle”.  Said opposition Mukono District Councillor Nakasi Betty.

The statement signed by the Permanent secretary to the ministry Kakooza Alex orders participation of all local council leaders and government agents in the exercise that will see children from 5years registered while those at 16 issued national IDs by NIRA.

The ministry circular

The circular released by the ministry of education and sports [dated tommorrow 29th] calling for registration of all pupils from 5years
The circular released by the ministry of education and sports calling for registration of all pupils from 5years