The Acholi community has distanced themselves from Norbert Mao and his abusive acts especially that of insulting the Kabaka of Buganda. While addressing the media Friday at Nsambya former EALA candidate Nyero Francis Elton Lakelle forwarded the Acholi community apologies to the Kabaka and Buganda in general. 

The embattled party president while addressed a mandatory DP Tuesday press conference uttered statements to the effects that the Kabaka goes begging in state house which triggered multiple sharp reactions from Ugandans as it was uncalled for.

On Tuesday his vice Mbidde was also rejected by people of Masaka where he claims to hail from.

Mao who has of late been in the spot light for acting as an NRM conduit, unleash police brutality to DP members and illegally suspending the party’s Vice President for Buganda region Betty Nambooze was trying to justify his hobnobbing with Museveni and acting on NRM’s Mbidde  instructions.

However the respected former NRM leaning independent-EALA contestant said true Acholis recognize the Baganda for having hosted them during war in their area and that they have since stayed and been accommodated even after the war ended.

Nyero said “Mao’s rants are just his [NRM] government’s  strategy to worsen relationships between Baganda and Acholi’s so as to create divide and rule which we shall not accept.”

He concluded that Mao’s abusive talk “doesn’t in any way represent neither the culture nor the position of the Acholis” and he has no authority whatsoever to speak on behalf of the Acholis”.

Responding to the recent threats by Mao not to let Nambooze cross River Karuma to Gulu, Nyero said that “Mao has no authority over who accesses Acholi land”. He said that matters of the Acholi are presided over by the Paramount Chief, Rwot Acana and warned Mao to desist from making divisive utterances and holding out as spokesman of the Acholi tribe.