Mukono Municipality MP and DP Buganda region president Nambooze Betty Bakireke’s life is getting better.

After a week of bed rest since Sunday 23rd when she was hit with a rubber bullet in the head while at Masaka with Hon Ssegona and Mpuuga on a MAKE DP GREAT AGAIN campaign, she made a ‘public’ appearance in her compound in Mukono where she appeared with her Husband Mr Bakireke, her 9 year old daughter Mulungi who wrote a letter to DP president and an unusual partner–a walking stick!

At the Spear we were left wondering the symbolic message in the ‘walking stick’ Is it a symbol of getting weaker? Is it sign of leadership as most celebrated leaders like Jomo Kenyata used to carry walking sticks?—obviously not a damula. Like a Shepherds sticks, could this be of this role? Or its another symbolic challenge to DP president Mao who also carries a walking stick whenever going for official function?

Well, the last time Nambooze got sick in South Africa she came back with spectacles which she hitherto didn’t have