Medal to a murderer: Is it by Impunity, a sign of how valueless medals are or Museveni is intentionally instigating hatred between Northerners and Westerners Elwelu brutally killed? 

As Uganda celebrate World Labor Day in Pallisa District Monday, many people have been honored with Rwenzori Star medals, Golden Jubilee medals and Police medals for their outstanding roles in the development of the nation

Among the 143 beneficiaries, included the Land Forces Commander Maj. Gen Elwelu.

Before the full scale deployment, in 2005 he was among the select group of officers alongside (now) Gen Kale Kayihura, and Brig Dick Olum (current 3rd Division commanding officer) whom President Museveni quietly dispatched to Baidoa, capital of Somalia’s southwestern Bay region, to study the security and political situation.

He returned from Somalia in December 2008, and was deployed as 3rd Division UPDF commander in the Eastern/Karamoja region that was tasked to disarm marauding warriors and cattle rustlers through thick and thin.

From there in June 2013, he was tapped as commander of the Western-Uganda based 2nd Division taking over from Col. Fred Rugadya Akiiki, the deputy division commander, charged with shielding the area from any potential ADF threat.

Mangeni Peter Gives his Opinion of the medal to murderer:  

 I want to have a different point of view on elevation and awards being given to Major general peter elwelu the Commander land forces and the commander invasions and killing people of kasese.museven being a rebel for life is praising and thanking elwelu in order to annoy the entire population of Uganda and develop too much hatred towards elwelu. In actual sense elwelu was acting on orders of museven and they have to receive the same punishment.It is museven the commander in chief who is responsible for all death of kasese massacre
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