Charles Muhangi


  1. The uneducated/illiterates have become the leaders and stewards of education (Janet Kataha Museveni), while the educated ones (Dr. Stella Nyanzi) are chopped from their teaching offices and incarcerated for trying to close the leadership gap


  1. Comedians have become politicians(Kato Lubwama) while politicians have become comedians (Mbidde)


  1. Police officers have become thieves and killers (Baguma) while killers and thieves have confessed to be policemen (kifesi)


  1. Once respected leaders have sold their consciences and their people for pieces of bread (Nobert Mao) while once unrecognized citizens have risen through the ranks and proven to be pro people reliable leaders (Mohamad Segirinya)


  1. It is now the unwritten law of the land that if you are a foreigner ( Hamid of Aya group) you can have daughters of Ugandan men as sexual objects at anytime you want and “justice” will be dispensed in your favor.


  1. It is normal when thousands of Ugandans die at the hands of the police( Kasese) but the world should stop when the police (Kayihura) kills one of their own (Kaweesi)


  1. Accomplices in the gruesome murder of a Ugandan called Akena can get bail (munwangari and kanyamunyu) but a Ugandan mother lobbying for pads for the poor Ugandan girls is a deadly criminal that can’t be bailed (nyanzi)


  1. Underwear and pen thieves (Ofwono Opondo) become strong power yielding mouth pieces of Government while those that fought and put their lives on the line to bring the very government to existence become useless trampled upon enemies for speaking the truth (President Kiiza Besigye)


  1. If you want to get tax holidays, get free land from government, get justice upon litigation, enjoy business patents, easily get investment licences, get preferential treatments and generally enjoy Uganda, then you must be any other nationality (Chinese, India, Sudanese , name them) but never Ugandan
  1. The fountain of honor has now become the fountain of dishonesty and disgrace because every scandal of corruption, theft, killing etc starts with and ends with the same name(Museveni)

Wanna change the status quo? Defy them. Wanna make Uganda work for Ugandans again? Defy them. Wanna enjoy Uganda? Defy them. Defy them Defy thema