Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) Cabinet has resolved to maintain the suspension of its Chief Administrative Secretary Higenyi Kemba, together with secretariat staff it suspended weeks ago for allegedly leaking party secrets.

This was decided in an emergency meeting that sat last week following suspension of the secrateriat 2 weeks ago by the party Assistant Secretary General Fred Ebil accusing them of failure to safe guard party secrets

Kemba was suspended with Annet Sserwada, Richard Angweri and Tom Omino the Chief of Staff


Micheal Osinde the party Spokesperson confirmed the suspension saying that “The suspension is still on until we restructure the secretariat”

He revealed that UPC Cabinet has resolved to fill up all the vacant positions and said the affected will have to reapply for their positions.

He further revealed that the party Cabinet resolved to stop all members from engaging in media debate apart from the party President, the Spokesperson and the Secretary General.

“Any member to engage the media either on a talk show or for an interview must first consult with me or the Party President and we verify the information getting out to the public.” He said.

UPC is just a ceremonial position party as NRM bought off all its leaders and even its members of parliament fully concur with NRM stand in all cases. It even has a minister in Museveni’s cabinet.

Dictatorship in “good” opposition parties is getting to a secondly level. Two weeks good DP president Mao and Mbidde suspended Buganda region president Nambooze without redress and use Uganda police forces to disperse DP meetings.