Mbidde and Mao’s NRM-DP faction has reintroduced a Candidate who had stood down in favor of Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine for the Kyandondo East seat, with an intention of dividing opposition votes for NRM success.
At a function presided over by Dr.Kawanga Ssemwogerere, a few weeks ago, Lillian Namulindwa who contested for the same post 2016 and miserably lost voluntarily stood down in favor of Kyagulanyi her self stating that she had little chance at polls and ‘did it for the good and success of the party’  
This is the reason why Bobi Wine besides being a friend to Besigye he outright refused even competing for the FDC ticket. Bobi’s family is predominantly DP and he confesses he is a die-hard DP member.

The SpearNews can reliably reveal that on Sunday evening Mbidde, Siranda, Lulume and Mao held a meeting with Lillian Namulindwa alias Kamoome in which they convinced her to ‘just participate’ in the race on DP ticket. They promised to sponsor all her campaign expenditures.

Kamoome was at first hesitant to this, noting her public character background which is so dented.
She told Mbidde-Mao that she stands no chance in the race and that she had already publicly stood down for Kyagulanyi. Mbidde won her over by telling her how by not participating she will loose her DP’s national council membership, to which she accepted.
To hoodwink society, Mbidde after the meeting started a social media campaign to portray Kamoome as a ‘savior’ to the DP flag in the By-election and create a wrong impression that Bobi Wine refused the DP ticket.
The SpearNews can ably reveal that Bobi Wine opted to stand as an independent after threats of  being denied official DP party card. The NRM-DP faction Mao and Mbidde heads prefers fielding a weak candidate-as a way of weakening DP in Kampala and helping NRM candidate win the Kyadondo East race
Namulindwa after the Meeting wrote trying to justify her turn-around and impact-less participation in the race thus:
Kamoome  pause for a photo with Ssemwogerere after the meeting in which she stood down
Kamoome pause for a photo with Ssemwogerere after the meeting in which she stood down
Kyandondo East constituency
Team Kamome.
Good morning to you dear Democrats ,I would first of all like to extend my sincere gratitude to the DP president General and the top party leadership for reaching out to me yesterday evening in abid to harmonise and rectify the challenges that have befallen our party in Kyandondo East Constituency.
Iam very convinced that an amicable solution shall be arrived at by close of business today. I also want to inform the Dp fraternity that i will stand for that seat on Dp ticket.
It will not matter how strong the wave shall be ,I shall calm the storm. Those who brand me sorts of names ,sarbotage and character assasination shall not deter the effort of giving good leadership to my people and my enthusiasm of serving the party interests.At the age of 32 i must confess that i have no major challenges in life that can force me into promiscuous behaviour .All the challenges that force women into such behaviour have not reached my end, my friends say that am very well educated,well employed ,well loved,very self sustaining ,very proud ,well travelled ,very intelligent,very independent and hard working.my late father and mum advised me to compete for better life ,Nalongo always told me she saw a great woman in me so i don’t see anything extraordinary from most of our male counterparts in DP that can move me to divert from my principles.
To give you a brief back ground on how i joined the Kyandondo East constituency race in 2016.i want to inform you that i was just head hunted since the constituency had lacked a candidate like me who was willing to take up the DP ticket .I accepted to join the race ,resigned my 12 million Job from the German Techincal Coperation just to save our party from the shame of having no flag bearer .i joined the race the day i nominated and used my personal resources to fight hard to bring our party on top, some thing that would have come to reality if it wasn’t for the FDC wave.
Earlier i had offered for the good of the party to stand down for Bobi just in the name of seeing green lead in Nangabo ,u all now know that he rejected the ticket and that DP shall have no candidate ,i now choose to carry my child Nangabo.no one can destroy the capacity in me to compete anyone in this election. No one can destroy the betterness to represent the people of nangabo
I want to applaud everyone that has stood with me so far ,i do appreciate your comments.
Nangabo needs a DP candidate for that race because we have surely done our job on ground.
Wish you a fruitful labour day. And sincere greetings.
*Lilliane Babirye (omulongo)*Maama Nangabo.
*Candidate Kyandondo East Constituency.*