By: Kitezaala MuzinyaBigere
POLITICS OF COMMON SENSE: Alcoholism is not the source of unemployment rather unemployment is the cause of alcoholism
The nation was laid to the ground yesterday labour day by Mr. Museveni’s utterances about the most affecting issues to Ugandans. His statements were development over Ugandans lives. Infrastructure over relief food, foreigners over natives; Promotion of oppressors over oppressed etc etc. His talk was a clear indication that he is totally un-bothered by Ugandans grievances  and tribulations 
He even sounded sharply unaware of what really causes unemployment which is at rate of 85%. He related drinking and betting to the causes. I think these are not causes but results of unemployment. Is the president pretending to Ugandans or can’t actually assess situations?!
Infrastructure over relief is a hoax. Even the construction he talks about are not going on. The Kampala-Hoima road stopped in 2015. Northern bypass extension is literally a pretense. Katosi road, Bugerere road, where is the infrastructure was he talking about. This was an indicator that the regime is never prepared to handle disasters. This is equivalent to a doctor who diagnosed your kid and finds them with malaria +++ then after that he asks you to wait until the healthy center gets completed to be constructed then they can give your child treatment.
Mr. Museveni claims relief would make people lazy to work. But we are talking about people who are bedridden because of hunger. Some are even dying already. Ad you want such people to wirk! Their regions were badly hit by drought. I think the president would be addressing quick-fix solutions that would give hope to the nation but not to recklessly brag on their graves. He would be giscussing how government is working upon the environment changes and remedies. The schemes to help people irrigate their firms on subsidized prices. Hope…
On unemployment he is taking an effect for a cause. Land grabbing, nepotism, failure to protect local manufacturer, the unregulated influx of foreigners who do all sorts of local businesses here, reluctance by parliament to pass reasonable laws and unwillingness of the executive to execute the passed law, inhuman interest rates on loans make unemployment escalated. No drinking or betting. These are actually meant to be leisure activities. However when they become major jobs then the country is doomed. Now you want them to stop but you’re not suggesting alternative work. In short the president’s labour day ‘State of nation address’ was proof to what Besigye, Lukwago, Nambooze and the group are telling us;
‘We need a regime change like never before’. Museveni is not just tired but expired. In this economic quagmire the nation needed hope from the president but not ululations.
Sensing anger from Ugandans M7 rushes to introduce panicky laws like the Anti-genocide law through a private member of Parliament Hon Oboth Oboth, West Budama MP(NRM-leaning independent) to bring Anti Genocide Bill to Parliament. The Bill; The Prevention of Genocide Commission Bill 2015.
This indeed is a hopeless conspiracy to silence the angry in Uganda, and nothing more than a hopeless, opportunistic pandering to the powers that be. It’s targeting the Kasese victims.
Has the Anti-Sectarian Law helped stem sectarianism in Uganda? Because we have that in place. Has it hindered recruiting relatives, inlaws and friends into public offices?
Has the provision in our Constitution that demands that State institutions must reflect national character been adhered to and ensured institutional equity?
What has Hon. Oboth, who is both a lawyer and Chairperson of the Legal/Rules Parliamentary committee done to ensure that these provisions of the law and the Constitution have been adhered to?
If the promoters bring the bill many MPs have vowed to take them on. But some others are saying that the Bill will pass because there are heavyweights behind it! Those who want the imaginary shield!
This Bill intends to shield many culprits from The Hague i.e. ICC! The ICC threat has got an antidote! Uganda government will claim that there are sufficient laws in the country to try suspects at home! Trigger happy individuals will continue to act with impunity and use this law, police loopholes and trickery!
Just confirms the motive. Government should instead Focus on correcting the mess rather than hiding behind hopeless laws. Remember the President once said the Constitution is a mere piece of paper!