By: Deus Kamunyu Muhwezi

To my President Y.K.Museveni

Today marks the day we are supposed to celebrate hard work towards better families, communities and our nation.

I have personally rested on this day while reflecting on our conditions as public workers of my country including those struggling to find or create useful work for themselves.

It’s true your Excellency that the extensive graft/corruption in our country today and the ease with which you choose to view it and act as a leader continues to undermine the faithful effort of those who labour each day for this country.

The truth is that many people had great hope in your leadership but graft/corruption is slowly undermining our hope to freely enjoy the fruits of our labour today and into the future. Not with the ever soaring numbers of jobless youth.

My heart goes to all farm workers, doctors, teachers and small business owners who I believe continue to hope in hard work to raise their families and build their society. I wish through you your Excellency, their hope would endure.

It’s unfortunate that we, who have been privileged by God and the citizens to guard their granary have arrogantly chosen the path of corruption and unproductive politicking.

The environment we have created is realising a hopeless population and when hopeless people choose indiscipline as a means of survival, it will no longer be justified to ‘crush’ them. At this point, the cost of managing a hopeless ambitious young people will overwhelm your leadership.

Happy Labour Day your Excellency.

About the writer

Deus Kamunyu Muhwezi is Chief executive officer at Uganda Hospitality Institute