Journalists from all media houses were left stuck at DP City house headquarters where they had gone to cover the parties mandatory Tuesday Press conferences Yesterday.

The Embattled NRM-DP faction leaders Mao and Mbidde were scared by DP members whatsup group chat and without informing journalists cancelled the press conference, closed offices and deployed police around city house.

Police yesterday remained heavily deployed at city house as DP offices remained closed all day. Mao and his partner in crime Mbidde were to address the Press at 9:00am then proceed to Masaka for burial

In their whatsup group chat on Monday the DP members amicably agreed to attend the presidents Press conference Tuesday being the only party activity left in which they can freely participate and or listen to him over many issues at hand, it read:

“Dear Democrats, Our dear president MAO has a press conference Tuesday@hdqtr. Let us all ATTEND we get 1st-hand info TEBAMUWAYIRIZA”

DP youths disgusted with Mao-Mbidde are turning Mao into a public clown. On Sunday they wrote a satirical letter to him requesting permission to go attend Hon Namayanja’s Mothers burial [READ DP youth writes to Mao seeking permission to attend burial]

Mao’s NRM-DP faction performs only 3 mandatory activities, holding a press conference on Tuesdays at the party headquarters, Mao attending NBS political talk show representing opposition where he makes modulate attack on Museveni and attending functions especially burials.

The 4th he is adding now is to disperse DP members meeting.

With the late at which Mao is scared of his party members, he will soon move his offices to state house