At the beginning of 2017 Besigye, Lukwago and others under the banner people’s government declared a nationwide sensitization on state organised land grabbing.

This campaign kicked off at the end of March with the regime police successfully suppressing the first rally  at Nakaseke.

Besigye Speaking addressing the people

The police claimed that some of the families that had invited Besigye was divided on his visit something that never made sense.

Then there was a scuffle last month at Ssezzibwa river where the police had to block the high way to prevent Besigye-Lukwago campaign from entering Kayunga where the Karangwas have large chucks of land .
In Kayunga, Karangwa fights who ever says a word against land grabbing . Sadly he does this with help and protection of the regime.

The way Besigye entered Kayunga stealthily which was a great success as the people battled the police to listen to him.

Kapchorwa and Teso region was covered too.

The last two days the team has covered  Mubende where rich men, and especially government officials have bought villages per village.

In kyegeegwa for example the whole sub county is owned by only two rich people who claim the land. People are in tears everywhere in kyegeegwa.  Besigye’s campaign went undisturbed as would have been expected.

People Listening


At Kasambya Gombolola police came to confiscate the tents and chairs. The people who we’re in high gear sought refugee in a  nearby church where police was reluctant to pursue them until the numbers outnumbered them.