Entertainers [musicians and footballers] Unlike politicians don’t join politics because they are power hungry, they do so because they see gaps politicians have failed to fill and politicians have treated themselves so low to put any class or respect gap between them and artisans.

When a population begins to look up to poets, musicians, comedians,​ fine artists, religious leaders, scholars and journalists for political solutions, that society has hit a political snag. It is indicative that the leadership has lost torch with its population.

When the citizenry seek political and economic solutions from artists as opposed to

mentorship and idolizing them for their talent, it spells doom

When artists begin to compose plays, drama and songs of discontent to government politics, service delivery, corruption and leade

Ssegirinya Muhammad KCCA Councillor takes off from police at parliament this morning . He was delivering a petition concerning plight of Ugandans in Dubai
Ssegirinya Muhammad KCCA Councillor, A master at Ghetto politics

rs such a regime is past its decay and can do or be done anything by citizens.

When citizens begin to listen to more music than news, trust entertainers than politicians, when it becomes shameful to identify with a ruling government, its trouble. South Africa during Apartheid and Congo during Mubutu are basic examples of this—Uganda is slowly but seriously taking this direction.

By attaching to himself the title “His Excellency” the Ghetto President Bobi Wine imparted himself into leadership positions into people’s mindsets, this isn’t any strange now.

His bid now rings loudly everywhere and as usual street idlers are turning from soccer to political analysts, at the end of which they are the pace setters.

It will be foolish to ignore BOBI Wine’s candidature. And its a fatal political mistake for any political party to let him slip through their hands to oppose them.

The sour fact is that in the current political setup and timing Bobi is the perfect candidate for an election. As a person BOBI Wine has a huge homogenous following that cuts across all sections of life- poor, rich, ghetto, elite- women and youth.

Unlike the elitist Methodists, he lives with those he identifies with and is not dismissive though rich, As a ‘Ghetto President’ he has stayed true to his roots, lives in the same area with the poor and has a genuine university degree Unlike many MPs,

Talking about the weed, in itself its self defeating to an MP candidate and even those in the house, metaphorically weed and current MPs behaviors in and outside the house is the same.

That is a character one has to counter, he reaches voters ears on a daily basis and identifies with them. Ugandan voters very much want leaders who identify with them.

Ssebagala and Watongola were directly voted for being illiterate. Kato Lubwama, Ssegirinya, Munyagwa are just examples of what can come out of voter identity.

If those are voters, then what alternatives are other candidates giving, besides the fact that they are sending someone to a un-respected anti-people parliament none of the other candidates has verbal eloquence Kampala voters go for—hence nothing to offer.

Verdict: The next best thing. To think he is not a force to reckon with is planning vote rigging

John Njoroge

He is a private media consultant