As the Kagoma by-election begins to gain heat, Spear News has learnt that a big fish in the Forum for Democratic Change will rejoin the NRMs murky waters.
Information available to us indicate that the highly regarded and respectable Dr. Frank Nabwiso will announce his political back somersault in a few days when Museveni goes to campaign for Walyomu Muwanika Moses, the NRM candidate who was thrown out by court recently.
Dr. Frank Nabwiso who was in the 7th Parliament before losing to Mbagadhi Nkayi has been a fiery critic of Museveni and the NRM government.
His decision to rejoin NRM of which he was a member in its early years has sent mixed signal through Busoga region and left many disappointed especially the young politicians who looked up to him for his unshakable stance in Opposition politics.
Given the decay in NRM what exactly would convince Dr Nabwiso to rejoin NRM at his advance age? The best answer came from one Basembera Fredrick a resident of Jinja who said:
But all leaders in nrm above 50 yes were UPC. That is why the chairman has intergreted Hon among and akena. Actually most of the upm supporters were eliminated. U can see how security groups use panda gali blue pick ups so Dr. Nabwiso is no exception. Many of the old gards want to benefit from state burials