By: Deus Kamunyu Muhwezi

To my President,

My warm greetings to you.

Early this week, I had a chat with some ‘good’ Ugandans about the state of our nation and its people. Our chat quickly zeroed on how corruption is slowly and if not completely stratifying Ugandans along the corruption cause and effect relationship. This slow but nearly complete process is also blinding our self made elites (a small group of powerful people that controls a disproportionate amount of wealth, privilege or political power in a society) who now think that those who talk about the end of corruption are saboteurs of progress.

As a result your Excellency, our feeling is that Uganda now houses three other countries to put it simply. We believe that these demarcations have been conducted and nurtured by corruption.

The first country is made up of self made elites. These enjoy ill gotten wealth and are worshiped by the citizens of the third country. They possess and control large sums of money and assets that are unable to create sustainable jobs, they evade or enjoy tax holidays, are arrogantly powerful, are bound together by corruption and are untouchable. They have seeming control over all organs of the state and they don’t see or understand how corruption is a problem. They patronize religious institutions for political mobilization and normalization and often use the name of God in vain.

The second country is made up of pseudo tax payers aided by pseudo working patriots. These work to sustain the first country and enjoy the evil fruits of corruption. They are quiet about the state of mother country Uganda and that way, their language is satirical and calculated pretending to be apolitical. They are filled with hope that one day, they will win a green card of residency in the first country. They are good at writing all scripts and schemes of corruption and are very happy to do so. Some citizens of this country work for the imperialists as non state actors and often benefit from the politics of the poor, the vulnerable and the benevolent citizens of the third country. They patronize religious institutions to thank God for pooling them out of the third country and to hypocritically ask God for forgiveness of their sins. They probably believe that corruption is not a sin.

The third country is made up of the vulnerable dependant graduate youth, the working poor and benevolent peasants. These are hopelessly blinded by hope in their creator, always hoping, that they too will one day become citizens of the first and second countries. They act as a political garden of the first and second countries and are passive victims of corruption. They don’t understand the effects of corruption on their lives. Their numbers and conditions provide justification for all aid proposals and are the only easy route to sustained imperial influence on our society. Unfortunately or fortunately, the political economy of this country assures the survival of the first and second country.

Your Excellency, we all laughed at the above topology of citizenship of our mother country Uganda. This stratification explains the complexity of the political economy of corruption in Uganda and resultant failure of all attempts to sustainably create good jobs for our young people and drive Ugandans out of poverty sustainably.

The real worry though does not come with the ‘sarcastic’ stratification of our mother country but the realization that corruption is increasing our vulnerability to imperial exploitation and wastage of talent among our young people. Corruption is slowly making us modern slaves in our mother country Uganda.

Have a nice weekend your Excellency.