“Just 72 hours after Diane Shima Rwigara had publicly showed presidential interest, a group of people believed to be state agents from different organs and journalists of The New Times held a meeting in offices of Moris Murigo and among other and its alleged that senior police officers present was Denis Basabose.
Kagame’s opponent’s camp alleged that these people crafted crimes which will be given to journalists who are willing to cover stories of Diane Rwigara and people who will sign for her on the list to be taken to Rwanda electoral commission.
Rwigwira’s team allege that these IT workers crafted nude photos of Diane Rwigara and gave them to The New Times journalist to spread it on social networks like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.
“They called Kayitare Steven and gave him the task of spreading rumors on his Facebook wall claiming that the aspiring presidential candidate killed her own father.” Rwigara’s group says
Rwigara’s team has now outed an appeal circulating on social media that reads “Dear Rwandans, do not fall into Kagame’s trap. Do not give up on Diane. She shall overcome the stigma of photoshopped pictures. Those picture mean absolutely nothing.” In the region
“Voting for Diane Rwigara is securing peace and democracy at home. Rwandans stand with Rwigara Diane in fight for democracy, peace, unity, development, dialogue, reconciliation, good relations, human rights respect, security, modern agriculture, education and good health policies.”