Dr Bayiga Luluma, former MP Buikwe North has responded to a letter carried by the SpearNews Saturday. The letter which was written by a DP member and long time personal friend to him Kaweesa Kaweesa, criticised his failure to directly be on the peoples side in the current fight for democracy in DP and outlined several examples when he didn’t take peoples side when he had to.


Here is Dr Lulume’s response 
Hmmmm I have read ‘your’ dossier intended to blemish me or to manipulate me into a fray I have wittingly avoided.
Kaweesa kaweesa, Nga nze omukunja, ndabye emmandwa ku jjoba lyo.
Be it as it may, I reject the idea of dog fights in the Media. Period. No amount of mudslinging, dossiering, propaganda or propasoga, or propasamya, or proparundi or whatever the case may be against me will draw me into sterile arguments and intra party verbal or dossieric confrontation.
Believe me, I will fly above any form of manipulation by the state from whichever direction in the Democratic Party. Only idiots can’t see this manipulation.
FYI our regional vice-president and the Party President belong to one executive, (DP NEC). The team defeated me at Katomi and I conceded defeat. I will continue to respect the duo as my leaders until the next Delegates conference when they will account and possibly retire in peace.
As of now, with humility, let Dr Lulume Bayigga be Dr Lulume Bayigga. I reserve my energies to fight a good fight. Not a dog fight.
Dr.Lulume Bayiga