After the crash with people of Masaka on 28th, “Good DP” Mbidde through Hon Babirye Kabanda and Namayanja organized a DP leaders meeting in Masaka to woo them on his side and check their reaction. The meeting was organised Friday 5th at Mariana hotel. Much as most Masaka DP leaders boycotted this meeting, the few member who attended demanded for Hon Mpuuga saying there is nothing DP in Masaka without him and expressed support for reforms in the party.

Hon Namayanja who brought a coaster full of youth to fill up seats was booed off when she announced that she is ‘good’ DP which she had come to defend and sell to member, she was forced to leave before the meeting ended.

Hon Kabanda told the meeting she had secured funds and wanted member’s support so she builds party headquarters

The meeting turned hostile to the two as members who accused Namayanja of deploying police at her Moms burial and trying to arrest DP youths. They accused them of killing senior DP stalwart Vincent Kiggundu who died last week after inhaling tear gas initiated by Mbidde. READ

Masaka DP stalwart dies after inhaling tear gas during DP meeting

The meeting became a testimony giving occasion to Mao-Mbidde’s intention to destroy DP with each speaker giving information to this effect. One attendant a catholic-brother carried a letter which he shared with members as proof of the 2leaders link to NRM. The letter written by then NRM SG Mbabazi  to Mao in 2010 was a deal to destroy DP right from the Mbaale delegates conference. [find bellow]

Among the resolutions they made that support the reforms, the meeting  unanimously agreed that Mukono municipality legislatures 6R’s are factual and she must return to discuss them in Masaka. They are not ready to take their party to NRM. They passed a resolution on Mao’s absolutism and a made a general condemnation to Mao for introducing militarization of the party among others.

From the way this meeting went, DP members seem ready to fight for their party on whatever forum.


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