The Busoga region DP chairmen under the regional vice Bigirwa Moses Saturday organised a meeting to forge a forward for the party in the region. Police and DP secretary general blocked the meeting in bizarre circumstances. On the same day, police arrested DP leaders in Wobulenzi Luweero and brutally dispersed a DP meeting in the district organised by District party executives on Mbidde’s orders. Mr Bigirwa wrote about the Busoga incident thus: 

 Since we came from Katomi delegates conference DP in Busoga sub region never had any communication from the Hdqrs about the developments in the party at the sub region.

With loss of the former national chairman Hajj Kezala who was the amplifier of the party in the region and with no substantive vice president in the Eastern region, the 10 districts which constitutes Busoga decided to meet Saturday in Iganga the center district to forge a wayforwd but it was stopped also .

When the Hdqrs got the information about the meeting the acting Secretary General started calling the district chair persons one by one ordering them not to attend the meeting that it is illegal. He even sent to them some money for upkeep as they wait for the ‘right’ invitation.

Earlier we had booked Railway view hotel but the DPC camped there from early morning. He issued a standing order to all hotels and restaurants in Iganga not to allow any Dp meeting if they do so it will be at there own risk.

The three mother districts Iganga and KAMULI/BUYENDE convened in Jinja at the home of iganga Chairman Mr Alex Kiwanuka who contested as Mayor of Iganga municipal council.

But we resolved to work with the progressive forces in the party so that we awakening the people’s spirits to come back to their party.