By: Kitezaala Muzinyabigere

Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) has disappointed me and for now,am undecided on whom to stand with in Kyaddondo east.  Bobi Wine’s circuit speed opportunism makes me cross-eyed. He has already plays untruthful just at the eve of his political career.

Today he spent the whole day at Mao’s home courting him for support. The other day he was at Nambooze’s  place, earlier on he had been at Lukwago’s the other day at Besigye’s. Just recently i have recalled he was at Bukomansimbi on a mission to meet Museveni through political broker Nakiwala Kiyingi at her thanks giving party presided over by Museveni.

This kind of political meandering has forced me recollect that this same man against all Baganda in Bukoto by-election  supported Alintuma Nsambu who had abused the Kabaka and not the  late Nsubuga Birekerawo who even Baganda NRM MPs supported.

Voters of Bukoto used the opportunity to punish Alintuma Nsambu by denying him votes. Why then did the Omubanda wa kabaka stand and fight side by side with such a man!

One day you said “Never disappoint those who support you to appease those who will never believe in you”

Either typical of a musician mobilising fans for a Busabala concert or an unguided politician. On his page after the visit to Mao,  Kyagulanyi posted, “Spent my lunch with the leaders I look up to in Uganda…”

The leaders you look up to! My foot, and even Mao is part of them!? A man that no liberation fighter trusts today. And you say that you look up to Mao in your leadership!? So you support terror he is unleashing to party members? Or you are a typical political Opportunist out to get into power no-matter how many bodies you have jumped?

Yet this comes when a few days ago, you were at Maama Ssebugwawo’s home requesting for the FDC ticket only that the nonsense old Lady denied you a photograph.

Now who ever inducted Bobi Wine must have forgotten to teach him that politics is partisan. You can not belong everywhere. Its about taking sides. You must take a side where supporters must find you not finding supporters wherever you are. Unlike in Music where you look for fans, in politics we look for cause. What cause do you stand for? We need to see a man who not only stand up but who takes a stand.

Bobi its very un-ideological and an insult for a person to visit sick Nambooze  whose sickness was a result of torture by police sent by Mao, then a few days later you dine with Mao and even declare that “He is the leader you look up to”!!  Soon you will realise that in politics if you try to be with everybody, you end up with no body

If you are Purely an independent politician don’t look for partisan politicians to back your bid, if your an opposition leaning candidate then take a a clear position. I have again looked at your campaign poster, it links you nowhere. With Uganda flag in the background (as if you are competing with foreigners for Kola awards), UPC colors on top (For that i guess you will soon meet Akena then look for Otunu), green and blue!

A political peacock! Since Babe Cool has promised you support, your imagination will come true one day at your rally in Kasangati on which Babe Cool will sing TOBONGANAWE as Besigye dances to impress your voters!

Our stand is serious change. Their stand is continuity. And like George Bush said “You’re either with us or with them”. There is no middle line

Meanwhile I think I should hold my breath for Kyaddondo East by-election.

Bobi Wine dining with Norbert Mao
Bobi Wine dining with Norbert Mao