On advise of late Libyan ruler Col Muamar Gadafi, Museveni abandoned state house residence at Entebbe and decided to hold there only official functions during day and shifted to Nakasero. It is said that the late Gadafi told Museveni that its dangerous to sleep somewhere with only one access road that stops at the lake for you can easily be cut of and surrounded.
His shifting to Nakasero state lodge has put a lot of stress on the capital city including closing some road and barring construction of sky-scrappers for his personal safety now catholic building Mapeera House has become a concern.
The Mapeera incident is the second security incident in which state interfere with private property. In the 1990s a dispute raged between a one Okello whose residence originally was what became Okello House. The argument was that his towering residence deprived the president of all his personal privacy. In the end, Okello agreed to rent out his house to the State which annually pays him lots of money through an out of court settlement
Reliable State House sources say that the Catholic Church leadership has been under pressure from President’s security relating to Mapeera tower;s last two floors from which someone can have a full view of the Nakasero state house
Col Nabaasa of SFC the force primarily charged with overseeing the President’s personal security and his immediate family members argue that  ill- intentioned actors could access the highest floor and use it as a vintage point for spying missions or plan terror operations.
State house is concerned about the last 2 highest floors which they want bank to forfeit. Sources say the State had offered to pay monthly cash to the bank to compensate for the business foregone for the two floors but, fearing to be misunderstood for unprincipled compromise, the Catholic Church leadership declined.
 The other proposal was for the state operatives to take occupancy of the two topmost floors and pay rent to the bank like any other tenant but this too was rejected on grounds that banking business is too sensitive and the presence of security offices once discovered would scare off many customer