By: Hon. Nambooze Betty Bakireke
Dear Kattikiro
I watched the full session of the great Lukiiko yesterday were you spoke for over three hours!
What you did is called moving in circles; instead of going straight to the matter that was on people’s mind …yet to me this is a very obvious matter of great value of having our land registered …The principle is very right but we agree and settle on procedures
Look at it this way, Kabaka has only 350 square mailos of Land,9000 square mailos are in hands of central government under districts, 8000 square mailos are under descendants of chiefs,plus land belonging to churches,individuals and other bodies….all the other entities give leases and no one is fighting them; Why the Kabaka’s land only?
Any person who is genuinely for us should be instead opposed to the leasing out of our 9000 square mailos by districts. The Districts are giving out freehold tittles to individuals on big chucks of land.
Are Baganda that gullible to be told that unregistered land is more valuable and secure than registered land? No they are not and I suspect that either they are misled or just using this opportunity to get at you as a person. Its unfortunate that Kattikiro wabuuza omuliro on our demand for the return of the 9000 square mailo and federo. If Museveni was to return ebyaffe and grant us power to govern ourselves we wouldn’t be facing controversies like this one.
That aside we should discuss greater involvement in decision making by stakeholders. You won’t find resistance if decisions are taken and owned by a cross section of them.
Kattikiro you should conceded that you haven’t been that democratic and naturally people don’t love that style. For example this matter would have started in the Battaka council, Lukiiko,Ttabamiruka conference not at press conferences addressed by Kattikiro.
Let us see the minister in charge of Lands,the Lukiiko and the Battaka council owning and running this project. Reinstate Buganda institutions (Associations,clubs and groupings) that were demobilized and re-empower them; they are the shield of the Kingdom and offer opportunity for greater involvement of Kabaka’s people.
But as we demand better administration, transparent and accountable Government by Kattikiro Mayiga we shall not allow people with quite a very different agenda from ours incite Baganda against the Kabaka and Kingdom.
Ssabasajja Kabaka awangaale.