Kawempe North Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) councilor, Muhammad Ssegirinya has been arrested  by authorities in Amsterdam Netherlands, the Spear news can ably reveal.
The motor mouthed  Councillor was arrested Monday on arrival at Amsterdam Airport on his way to rescue his friend Mutyaba Fred whom he was taking proper travel documents. 
Fred Mutyaba was arrested 2weeks ago in Amsterdam where he went for an Agriculture conference with Dr Besigye but disappeared from the team and remained there.

On Monday morning Ssegirinya using a Visa  he got when going for the agriculture and urbanization conference, in Netherlands 2months ago booked a flight back to Netherlands.

(Such Visa’s expire after 3months) to take documents to his friend
On reaching the airport he was arrested as he didn’t have valid invitations and the conference he had purportedly gone for had ended months ago.
It is said that on checking his luggage he had Matooke and documents belonging to another person.
A family source who were informed of the arrest by Uganda Immigration authorities confirmed Ssegirinya’s arrest and said he is to be deported back as soon as possible.

Efforts to reach Ssegirinya for a comment on this were futile as his phone was off