The Member of Parliament  for Making Municipality Betty Nambooze Bakireke has in so ordinary a manner written an abrituary in honour of a living man saying that she is mourning the “death of Police Officer Emmillio Kayima’s credibility “.

This followed the release of children who were apprehended by Police during a raid on Mbaziira’s home in Naggalama-Mukono three weeks ago. Abdul Rashid Mbaziira was arrested together with his wives as suspects in the murder of the late AIGP Felix Kaweesi.

Police through its spokesperson Emellian Kayima had first denied knowledge of the way about of the 12 Children who included a baby of two years. They later said that they were holding them to established if they were actually Mbaziira’s children. Today the children on the abrupt release of the childre,Nambooze posted on her facebook account MP Nambooze:

Police spokesperson Kayima

Okay, as Andrew Kaweesi continues to be the face of police even in death….I wish to convey my heartfelt sympathies to Emerio Kayima for loss of his credibility….it seems one qualification you must posses to be a police spokesman is capacity to tell lies, spin things around and change words by a minute without any display of shame….some days ago Kayima was on TV saying he knows nothing about what the Mbaziira wives were saying that 12 of their children were kidnapped by police… yesterday evening the same Kayima was on TV telling the world that the children “kidnapped”by police will be released in a Week’s time after a DNA test has been done to establish their true parents…..this morning the same man is on TV telling the public that the good police is releasing the children unconditionally….Sorry my good friend Kayima for what you’re going through,unfortunately your own children also watch TV. Now see what you have just said: “Media shouldn’t report skewed information. These children were not in police cells. They are under children care department of the police”!

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