The man who has probably  suffered one of the most sustained attack, Malign, abuse and insults from Tamale Misinformation has broken his long kept silence to comment on the Uganda communication ‘s commission letter that has put NBS Television station on closure for hosting the Motor mouthed Tamale.

For over three years Tamale has while appearing on NBS accused Amama Mbabazi of being behind every bad thing that has happened in Uganda.

Claiming to be an intellectual who can always tell a story  behind the story Tamale Misinformation who ironically had attracted a big following due to his contradictions and inconsistencies that made him more or less a clown had made it a habit to  site Mbabazi’s name in each and every situation including murders, theft, political disagreements and all situations that would put Museveni’s Government in a tight corner.

Claiming to have foreseen the “Amama Mbabazi’s hand and written “abook” about the same Tamale would with impunity,impute all actions of bad motive to a man who choose to keep quite about this blatant defamation and character assassination.
Uganda’s communications regulator Uganda Communications Commission yesterday threatened  to suspended broadcaster NBS Television’s broadcasting license.

According to a statement released by the commission Thursday, the licence stand to be revoked as a punitive measure following perpetual breach of minimum broadcasting standards.

Citing the “strong language use by Mr Mirundi, UCC stated that NBS TV management have ignored several warnings from the regulatory body.
In  a post to his facebook account Amama Mbabazi said, “This is interesting: According to a statement released by the commission, the licence has been suspended as a punitive measure following perpetual breach of minimum broadcasting standards by NBS Television”.