The Inspector General of Police Kaihura has directed all police Commanders in the Country to direct all matters concerning meetings of the Democratic Party to his Office to be handed by him personally.

Kaihura’s directive concerns clearance for ALL Democratic Party meetings all over the country at all levels. This comes in the wake of a campaign within DP called “Make DP great again” led by Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze, which has been met with police brutally at every activity.

Kaihura has also directed District Police Commanders to give the Democratic Party President Mr. Mao and Deputy Mukasa  Mbidde Maximum security especially while moving within Buganda Region, a source in Police has told the SpearNews.

Since the directive, several police commanders have reacted with restraints whenever notified of DP activities in their areas.

T he RPC  Masaka region Latif Zaake on 18th April was forced to withdraw his permission he had granted to  Masaka MP Mathias Mpuuga’s DP- Masaka leaders conference and told them to contact Mr. Kaihura personally.

The District Police commander  Luweero, Mr.  Paul Wataka, on receiving a notification from DP- District Chairman Mr Kibirango Lasito, made a written response in which he advised him to instead notify the Inspector general of Police himself.

However on both occasions police has managed to heavily deploy and disperse meetings amidst teargas, bullets and arrests. So for one person (Mzee Vincent Kiggundu of Masaka)  died due to excessive inhaling of teargas during the Masaka scuffle.

In another unprecedented development in the history of opposition in Uganda Democratic president are guarded and escorted by police.

A week ago Mao and Mbidde were escorted by 2 police patrol vehicles all the way to Masaka where they had gone for burial of the late mother to honorable Florence Namayanja.  On 3rd april while appearing at CBS radio in Bulange Mengo Mbidde was escorted by 3 police patrols!

Speaking to a NEC member (names with held) who expressed concern when moving in a police convoy from Masaka, DP vice president Mbidde said “How shall we be able to protect our power without police, we must make it part of us”

“We had information that aggrieved Nambooze supporters in Masaka had planned to beat Mbidde and Mao”  MP Ssewungu told SpearNews when asked about the burial deployment.

Contacted for a comment on the same, DP secretary general Siranda Blacks referred the reporter to DP vice president Mukasa Mbidde whom he said is in charge of DP and current DP executives security-police relationship.

“Call Mbidde….. DP..and executives  police relationship is in hands of Vice president Mukasa Mbidde” He told the report before slamming his phone.

Efforts to get comments from Hon Mao and Mbidde yielded no results as they didn’t pick their calls.

The Mukono municipality MP and leader of Make DP Again campaign, Nambooze Betty Bakireke suspended notifying police about party activities saying it’s an illegality yet notified or not police act brutally on them.

We were notifying them out of courtesy as the public order management act does’t require people meeting for political party meetings and activities to notify police. And even where it does it talks of notification not permission.  If they have abused this courtesy we shall not do the ‘illegality’ of notifying them any further, we shall just be set to face their brutality.

Nambooze further said this act vindicates her campaign as now clearly anyone who has been doubting Mao-Mbidde NRM marriage its there to see.