By Al-mahadi Adam Kungu
South Sudan has been at war since 2013, following the sacking of Riek Machar from the office of Vice president by his boss,President Salva Machar. This was has seen a quarter of this country’s population (3,000,000 people) leave and became refugees in the neighboring countries.

On Tuesday this week,President Kiir fired his Army chief General Paul Malong and replaced him

War in south Sudan, Did Museveni turn a hungry samaritan

with Major General James Ajongo.

Kiir,who never explained reasons for sacking General Malong said that the last time he talked to malong,he seemed to be in ‘fighting mood’ and cited the fact that some unnamed foreign forces were behind the general.

But,who could these foreign powers be?
Well,you can’t rule out Uganda and President Museveni in particular, since he has been accused of  involving in affairs of other countries in the guise of peace keeping for personal gains before. And he has been allover in this oil producing country claiming to restore order.

South Sudan war and unrest is traced way back to murdered John Garang who died in a Ugandan helicopter under circumstances unexplained up to now. So was Kabila and Habyarimana deaths.

In the leaked UN report on conflict in DRC,Uganda was accused of rape,civilian massacres and training child soldiers in DRC,following the fighting between Ugandan and Rwandan forces in Kisangani.

Its alleged that millions of Congo’s economic resources were robbed by the Uganda People’s Defence Forces,all in the name of paying themselves for their role of peace keeping in South Sudan.

By saying,that some foreign powers are  behind the sacked General Malong,Mr Kiir,seem to have just realized that his political father and friend Yoweri Museveni is backing Malong, in an attempt to acquire his share for the efforts he has rendered in keeping Kiir(who seem not to have fulfilled his promises to Museveni) in power.

Meanwhile,General James Ajongo sworn in as the new army chief on wednesday and promised to ensure stabilising this Africa’s newest state.