Eric Kashambuzi
Eric Kashambuzi
Eric Kashambuzi
Let me remind people who have short memories.
1. When Obote was in power there were Ugandans who never thought they would lose power during Obote I and Obote II. They were wrong and can’t be traced.

2. Then came Amin President for life. Those who depended on him believed Amin would always be there. Where are they? You can’t trace them.
3. There are people who falsely believe their moment under NRM is very much different from Obote and Amin regimes.
Let me offer a word of advice. NRM has caused more damage to native Ugandans than Amin and Obote combined.
When there is a change of regime [and it is coming] you will not believe what will descend out of native Ugandans.
Native Ugandans are angrier than they were between 1894 and 1962 when Uganda was officially colonized by Britain.

The colonial, Obote and Amin administrations avoided grabbing native lands. This is the grave mistake NRM has made.

There is sufficient literature on land disputes in Uganda including between native and immigrant populations but NRM administration ignores this information in favor of refugees, migrants and squatters at the expense of native owners.

“It is feared that the mode of acquiring land by the immigrants without following any rules might result in open hostility between the immigrants and the host groups and may result in insecurity”(John Kigula 1993).

Indeed hostility is there threatening security. NRM regime knows it but it is doing virtually nothing because it indirectly allows immigrants and refugees to flock into Uganda unchecked.

The demographic character of Uganda is changing as foreign immigrants are becoming farmers while natives are herded into urban slums where it is easy to supply them with birth control means free of charge.

This is serious stuff politically, economically, demographically and culturally.