BY  SpearTeam

Presidency Minister Esther Mbayo has said government will use the candle Light Day marked every May 17, internationally, to remember the
memory of those comrades who have succumbed to the Aids epidemic, to draw a roadmap on how to reduce new HIV infections especially among young girls
and women. “Uganda lost its focus on behavior as the centerpiece our efforts to turn off the flow of new infections. People became complacent and reverted to
the pre epidemic HIV-risky lifestyles,” Ms Mbayo said today ahead of the day that will be celebrated today on Wednesday.

As such, she added that the country has registered a reversal of several gains in the fight against HIV/Aids between the years 2001 and 2010.
At least two million people in Uganda, Dr Nelson Musoba the UAC acting direct general said , have succumbed to the epidemic ever since it was
confirmed in the country in the late 1980’s.

Kiryandongo district will  host the candle Light Day celebrations due to the high risks and vulnerability of HIV in the district due to among
factors includes increased movements along the Northern corridor.

About 1.4m people are living with HIV. At the end of 2015, Uganda registered 83,000 new infections or 230 new infections every day.
Among the young women and girls between 15-24 years, the new infection stood at 18,894 in 2015, translating to 363 new infections
per week.