By Kitezaala Muzinyabigere
Its sad news that Uganda has lost one of the most prominent post independence political intellectuals Mzee Boniface Byanyima. Much is already said about him and will still be said but DP has lost more. The icon of politics of common sense and the living experiment of being principled.

Comparing Byanyima alone with the  current DP administration would be abusive to the deceased. Mzee Byanyima is on record that after Obote’s overthrow of Uganda in 1966 and  his comeback in 1981, he sweet talked Mzee Byanyima to join government and promised him ministerial posts even chief minister. Byanyima declined all these promises and stood his ground. He was for truth and justice. He could not work with the person who went against the 1961 Uganda agreement, the unauthentic and the unjust. He was for DP. If Museveni was president then,  obviously Byanyima would be Bad DP.

Even after the rigged election of 1981 which saw his “son”/Museveni go to the bush against Obote, he never joined them. Even after the known affair between Museveni and Winnie. Even when Museveni became president, he did not only warn the nation against him, but until his death, he has always stood firm against Museveni’s oppressive policies, election rigging, unemployment and declined to accept the many invitations to join NRM. He looked after Museveni’s mother during the bush war.

Therefore, if there was any DP member to fraternize with the regime, that would be Byanyima. This is because he had all reasons to claim host. Comparing this rigid principle less to that of Mao or Kezaala or Mbidde it would be abusive to the deceased. The current administration sees no problem with working with the oppressor but see a lot of problem with working is fellow opposition.

Now,  soon we shall see Mao and other officials claiming ownership of the funeral of the man whose stand they have betrayed since 2010. They are the architects of duality of the opposition one of the factors failing liberation.

So as I extend my sincere condolences to the family, Winnie, Besigye, DP and Ugandans at large, Does good DP have moral authority to even claim Byanyima’s body as theirs!?