Spear Sports news editor  Kaweesa Andy has won FUFA polls to become Buganda region chairman beating closest rival and Incumbent Sulaimani Ssejengo by 9 votes.

In the FUFA polls held Thursday late evening Andrew Kaweesa polled 32 votes against Sulaimani Ssejengo’s 23 votes to be declared winner for a 4year term.

“I promise to serve Sports especially soccer in this term. I thank all FUFA delegates from all over Uganda who have put trust in me and i promise Soccer will not regret my choice” Said Andy after his election.

Kaweesa is a sports activist especially in Mukono his home district. He is founder of Soana FC and manages a soccer academy “ST ANDREWS SOCCER ACADEMY” in Mukono

Full list of elected FUFA delegates

North East Region FA elections update

Regional Delegates:
1. Ochom Richard 16 votes
2. Mugena Agnes 16 votes
3. Nyiria Johnson Fairfax 15 votes
4. Esalu Moses Shesmond 12 votes
5. Onyinge Emaju Michael 12 votes

Buganda Region FA elections update 

Zone 1: Joseph Mwanje voted unopposed

Zone 2: Makumbi Sulait 15 votes, Rogers Mulindwa 11 (Makumbi Sulait declared winner)

Zone 3: Hajji Abdul Ssekabira 16 votes, Sam Mpiima 14 votes, Kalanda Ismail 12 votes, Yusuf Baliruno 10 votes, Sulaiman Bossa (withdrew). Hajji Abdul Ssekabira and Sam Mpiima declared winners.

Zone 4: Semutono Stephen 14 votes, Semwezi Umar 12 votes

3rd Division Delegate: Athuman Wasswa 11 votes, Hassan Kavuma 6 votes, Sserubiri Edirisa 4 votes. Wasswa declared winner.

SIG- Referees: Hajji Yusuf Kamulegeya, Issa Masembe

SIG-Players: Frank Senabulay, Rajab Jooga

SIG-Coaches: Davis Mutono, Fred Nsamba

Chairman Bugnda region: Andrew Kaweesa 32 votes, Sulaimani Ssejengo 23 votes. Kaweesa declared winner.

Buganda’s Delegates to the FUFA Assembly: Joseph Mwanje, Makumbi Sulait, Hajji Abdul Sekabira, Sam Mpiima and Semutono Stephen. 

A delegate from the 3rd Division League clubs will also be elected.

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