Mourners who converged for a requiem mass for the late Boniface Byanyima at Namirembe  on Saturday morning were left in bewilderment  by his son Anthony Byanyima  who contrary to all testimonies about his father’s life told mourners that his father has died a happy man who has been working closely with President Museveni and his regime.

Promising to share recorded voices of Boniface Byanyima as evidence, Anthony said that while sited in Parliament  yesterday he got very disappointed as MP after MP claimed that Government had taken his father’s ranch and failed to pay him a thing which is not true.
Anthony Byanyima who was addressing mourners on behalf of the family at Namirembe cathedral also said that the late Boniface Byanyima was not a believer in God and used to tell them as children that their uncle(the late’s brother) meant more to him than God as taught by churches introduced in Uganda by foreigner.

To the total disbelieve of his siblings who looked troubled all through Anthony’s speech the young Byanyima said that since his father died he had heard people saying that they were his friends, yet the fact of the matter is that his father had no friends. Anthony who was out to denounce every good thing told of his father by other people also disputed what all Ugandans know as a fact that President Museveni ever lived in his (Byanyima) father’s house as a young boy.

“Museveni has never lived at our place, that is a lie” the young Byanyima said contradicting his late father and Museveni who are both on record to have acknowledged this in their various interviews and writings.

Although Winnie Byanyima later downplayed the allegations by her brother and emphasized the good attributes about her father, Anthony’s words had already done enough damage to a man whom everyone had cited as having been Incorruptible and  DP throughout his life who refused to work with all regimes in Uganda including that of President Museveni.

Throughout the ceremony, it was clear that between Anthony, Mao and the State there was a conspiracy to lock out all other stakeholders from the management of the funeral.

Although the Kabaka of Buganda a great friend of the Byanyimas was represented by his brother Prince David Wasajja and a strong delegation from a Mengo led by the 2nd deputy Katikkiro Apolo Makubuya,Kabaka’s condolence message was read by the Master of ceremonies casually and no opportunity  was given to the Buganda delegation to either talk or lay a wreath on the coffin. To the Baganda at the function this was a big insult.

Dr. Besigye, a prominent son in law of the deceased seemed to be the most targeted person as the MC couldn’t even afford him a recognition sending his FDC members into protest. “We shall not allow you to embarrass Besigye in Mbarara, we are going to fight you for we are fed up with your arrogance”, one MP from western Uganda was over heard telling the organizers.

Some years ago Anthony Byanyima escaped from Uganda to exile after he being harassed and mistreated by the regime. He however after negotiated his return to the country and has since lived as a close ally of the President in the Byanyima’s family.