Ugandans have been told that the reason why sugar prices are going up is that the country was hit by a drought that affected the cane growing. However Spear News can exclusively reveal that there are  more reasons than just shopkeepers not getting enough stocks. That the rising prices are not only that there is lacking production. It is the system of export and production. Where the cane isn’t only becoming milled sugar for consumption, but for all the expensive industrial exports like bio-fuel and ethanol.

This  good business for the producers is bad for consumers and citizens who have been used to stable and relatively low prices for sugar. The fact of the matter is that  millers have found new profitable ways. This is all good business for the owners of the sugar-millers and sugar industry. The one who feels the pitch is the consumer and the citizens. Who see scarcity of sugar inside the shops and also have to part away with at least two United States dollars for a kilo of sugar!

There is proof of a systemic malpractice, where both export, together with lacking yields because of drought and also the production of ethanol and bio-fuel are the true cause of the high prices for sugar.

“The sugar price goes up because the use of cane for other things than millers producers sugar for consumption, but for other export products. This is all making sure even as the Republic of Uganda has in the past produces to much, it now doesn’t. Since it elaborately uses the sugarcane for other products”, experts in the Sugar industry have told SpearNews.