Uganda-a Country where Cabinet can ignore decisions of parliament and still pretend to be a democracy.

Whenever One party has overwhelming numbers in parliament, there is rape of the constitution and the country ascends into anarchy. In Uganda it happened in 1966 (Obote), 1995 2000 now likely to happen 2017 under NRM. Bireete Sarah Writes thus about the same:

Uganda – a Country where the call for peaceful handover of power has become a slogan instead of a serious national concern. The fact that Uganda is the only country in East Africa that has never witnessed peaceful handover of political power is now even common talk among kids! Actually the best way today to carry out a referendum on the status of our governance is by asking children to paint pictures of what they think of our politicians and the regime in power.

The innocent kids will, with no doubt paint gloomy pictures. The reactions of regime apologists after these pictures will also paint a clear picture of what our problem is: failing to face our problems so as to solve them in a state of amnesia! When some people open their mouths to speak on why, for example, MPs should lift age limit for an aging leader who has obviously lost his grip on things, you can’t help but keep wondering as to whether we have a mental breakdown catastrophe in this country!

Fast Forward: Yesterday, as the country sent off one of the gallant sons of the soil (Mzei Byanyima) – pictures of our dark and disturbing political history were re-painted. These included using the tyranny of numbers to abrogate the constitution; an act that ushered in political instability and launched our turbulent political history.

In 2005, regime had their first major assault on the constitution by using the tyranny of numbers to lift term limits. Fast Forward: the president stated on Aljazeera that the MPs will deal with the constitution as he dodged the question of stepping down in his usual style of “I will follow the constitution” and he emphasized that he is not an MP and has no role in planned Constitution final assault process!

THE BIG QUESTIONS: When does enough become actually ENOUGH in Uganda?

Should Ugandans give up on constitutionalism and resort to our well known means of changing presidents?

What should we do to the MPs who are warming up for the final ASSAULT of the constitution? Which Way Uganda?

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