Three patients have been reported dead from Luweero Health Centre and Nakaseke hospital due to lack of blood.

Fred Lutaaya, the General Secretary of Holy Foundation, a non-government organization looking after sickle cell disease patients says that two sickle cell patients died last week after failing to get blood from Luweero Health Centre and Nakaseke hospital. There are over 600 sickle cell patients living in Greater Luweero districts.

Administrators of Nakaseke Hospital also confirmed that an expectant mother Esther Kirabo died over internal bleeding and lack of blood. Dr Mukuzi Muhereza, a medical officer says that sometimes they also ask for blood from private hospitals.

Doctor Sinani Mabuya, the deputy in charge of Luweero Health Centre IV explains that the facility run out of blood three weeks ago. He adds that an ambulance sent to Nakasero Blood Bank afterwards only returned with two units of blood. The health centre receives 500 patients on a daily basis.

The situation is dire for expectant mothers and patients with sickle cell disease who need prompt blood transfusion to replace lost components of blood in the body system.

Medical experts say that blood transfusion is the most immediate intervention to treat sudden conditions and severe complications related to sickle cell disease and to lower the risk of stroke, among patients.