Ten health centres in Ntoroko district lack HIV-testing machines also knkwn as CD4 count machines. These test the cell levels in the body. If the cells drop below 200, a person is classified as having AIDS. The test enables doctors to determine the progress of the disease and to prescribe anti-retro-viral treatment.

Records from the district health department indicate that all the ten health centre IIIs in the district lack a CD4 count machine. This forces patients to seek for the services in private health facilities.

Vincent Kamuhanda, the in-charge Rwebisengo Health Centre III, says that patients in need of the CD4 count and viral load are referred to Fort Portal regional referral hospital, some 50 kilometres away, or to Bundibugyo hospital.
According to the district health statistics for 2016, the HIV prevalence rate in Ntoroko stands at 10.3 percent, above the national rate currently standing at 7.3%.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends viral load as the standard tool for monitoring patients on HIV treatment.