President Museveni has extended SIM card verification exercise to August 30th .

Museveni’s decree Twit

At the same time MP Nsereko Muhammad who abruptly declared that he was leading a censure motion against Minister for ICT Frank Tumwebaze has announced that he has abandoned it.

Appearing on NBS morning breeze Nsereko declared that he has been satisfied with the outcome of the Men caucus that led to the Presidential decree to extend registration to August and therefore as the lead petitioner he is withdrawing from the motion.

It’s not clear whether Museveni in doing this he is trying to put out fire against his Minister Frank Tumwebaze who is facing a censure motion over contempt of parliament or he has just sympathized with Ugandans who have suffered at the hands of an incompetent system that has failed to capture sim card owners in an effective manner.

Although the extension brings some relief to millions of sim card owners, brings to question the democratic trend Mr Museveni is taking having ignored a Parliamentary resolution and resorted to a one man’s decision.

The President has declared an autocratic decree in a state where Parliament resolutions was rejected by a sole minister and court had thrown out appeal by ‘Jobless brother’ about the same