Sarah Bireete

Uganda – a Country where government agencies and department contradict each other on a obvious issues.

When a person has a disjointed body – uniform movement becomes impossible. The same applies to a government where the center can no-longer hold. Some people begin to operate on guesswork for fear of being cast in bad light.

Ugandans have experienced torture, bloodshed and brutality mainly through state agents for almost all the independent times of the country.

Classical books like the state of blood and the timeless betrayal in the city also portray this state of affairs. When M7 came to power and promised fundamental change – many citizens were overcome by hope, trust and good will that was later to be taken for granted and abused.

It never appeared to them that this was mere sloganeering and political propaganda. But as the saying goes – time answers everything and indeed; it has come to pass that even NRM and M7 can be measured on the same weighing scale as Idi Amin and others.

Of recent, many stories of torture have come up – not because it’s something new but because society has evolved and no regime can act in secrecy while committing crimes against humanity!

Fast Forward:

Tuesday Parliament – in an unprecedented move adopted both majority and minority reports from Human rights committee of parliament about torture in Nalufenya! The reason minority and majority reports are written is lack of consensus by committee!

Also Human Rights Commission established that indeed Nalufenya is Ugandans latest “Nile Mansions” and even indicated the torture methods whereas majority MPs stated otherwise!


Did MPs and Human Rights Commission visit the same Nalufenya?

Why can’t Nalufenya fall?

Which Way Uganda?